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Thanks so much for popping over to see what’s happening in my world. There’s almost always lots of dog walking and cow cuddling and green smoothie making (I know, I know – it’s new…we’ll see how long it lasts), but mostly it’s all about books. Dip your toes into the news below – or swan dive in. Your call.


August 1st is E-day! Ebook that is – for The Happy Glampers. All four sections of the book are dropping at once so if you want to binge read? Go for it baby. No one’s holding you back.

Free Free! There is something for free!

Hey there. If you thought you couldn’t get something for nothing! You’re wrong. For the first couple weeks of September, you can download the first part of Happy Glampers absolutely gratis. Click below and whatever device/download delight you choose is at your fingertips (fingerclicks??) If you have a chance, I’d be deeee-lighted if you could…


It’s not just a song from a hit musical (that is currently a choral offering, but that’s another story)….it’s a fact! One more day until The Happy Glampers hits an e-reader near you. This has been such an incredible year – from cow poke to keyboard vixen. Muchos gracias to my amazing editor, my fabbo…

Next life???

Not sure if I’m a next life believer (although I really do think the Dalai Lama is epically wonderful)…but if I am FORCED to come back as a flower…this one’s a pretty good start. Which flowers would you come back as?


Some awfully lovely people have already ready advance copies of You Make Me Feel Like Glamping and mercy! They were kind. Schnibbets below.

Netgalley Speaks!

So – you know Netgalley, right? If not…you better get on over there and have a look. Sneak previews of all sorts of amazing books brought to you by the publisher in advance of publication to get reader feedback. Anyhoo – they put Part One (You Make Me Feel Like Glamping) up on the site…