Daisy Facts

Who is Daisy Tate?
Good question. Well…

  • I don’t normally talk about myself in the third person.
  • I love pickles. 
  • I think a dog’s love is the purest form of love.
  • People make my heart sing (and sometimes my mouth!)
  • I adore books. (Obviously)
  • I just lit the fire (it’s JUNE…and now it’s September and it’s been lit again).
  • Anytime is marshmallow time.
  • I am a huuuuuge fan of lists.
  • I sometimes wish my middle name was Cordelia. It is not.
  • At Christmas? I am a film addict.
  • In the Spring? I am a film addict.
  • (Fill in the blanks for summer and autumn)
  • I own and sometimes wear a bee suit. (It is camouflage so the bees can’t see me coming).
  • Writing this book has been one of my favourites things ever.
  • Swimming with turtles was, too.
  • I am so happy you’re here.